The company has researched and developed ESL technology since 2006, because of the expansion in global retail trading market, We have offered ESL technology, solutions and service to famous domestic and foreign companies. The company is promoting the stability of ESL system by using the latest technology and cost advantage. company is committed to be the leading ESL system scheme provider in the world. Our management goal is saving energy, protect environment, improving customer experiences and increasing business performance. We are able to offer our clients the most reliable service the cheapest system with little or no maintenance products. And based on this, we will also supply intelligent information management tools to large-scale brick-and-mortar retailers. We will continue to work with retailing system service providers, POS provider and equipment suppliers.

Used in 3C SHOP

Application Advantages

1. Several Types choosing match 3C pricing display
2. Display price & sale info. On 6inch’ screen
3. Broad perspective, clear & legible suit for any font
4. Graphic display, freely edit displaying
5. Manage shop conveniently by using handheld reader to access date

Used in 3C SHOP

Application Advantages

1. Handily install by wireless communication between tags & stations
2. Quickly display date info.
3. Displaying lamp, find target quickly
4. Offer ”tailored” tags service
5. Manage shop conveniently by using handheld reader to access date

Used in supermarket

Application Advantages

1. Quickly display price & sales info.
2. Preventing Stealing Design
3. Broad perspective, clear & legible
4. Improve efficiency, change price at any time

System Composition Scheme

Used in supermarket

ESL electronic Shelf Label System forms out of three parts.:”software management system”, “station”, “Tags”. We have added Handheld Reader & Installation Accessories for convenience of the maintance & installation of the system.

System working Principle: First, production info. In Data Base it will be encoded by ESL system software through main computer, Second, Info. Like updating price will be sent to station through Ethernet (or Serial communication port); Finally, Product info. Will be sent to the whole shopping mall (or warehouse, drugstore etc.) through 2.4 G signal by station.

Management System

Software is the bridge of managing system & external system
SOA architecture design, convenient in system deployment & related system integration
Friendly electronic paper label drawing function
Built-in date base, do not need to install third-party data base
Timing backup function, safer for system
On-demanding configure commodity attribute, suit for any application scenarios
Several date connection methods, convenient in retail managing & ERP system connection etc.

ESL basic Experience products Offer the most convenient way to display the core function (change price display in label)of ESL system

ESL SDK Developing Package ESL SDK is the secondary developing

ESL desktop version ESL desktop is a desktop ESL managing & controlling software, which is in charge of background service & peripheral interface.

ESL Web ESL web is B/S architecture managing & controlling software, which is in charge of background services & peripheral interface and browser control interface to operator

Display Terminal Label ESL tag using 2.4GHz communication technology. Advantage: quick transmission speed, strong Anti-jamming Ability, Long Transmission distance, Graphic data transmission, display any info., offer wide displaying space of product info., Low power dissipation, Life more than 5 years,

TE Series Graphic Label, using electronic paper dot matrix technology, Use graphic displaying to meet clients’ needs of displaying rich content. Other characteristic: High contrast ratio, wide visual angle, low power dissipation etc. For the convenience of Label Batch drawing, we have configured templates to make clients customize content of each Label.


TB Series Using unique bitable LCD display technology, high resolution, ultra-wide viewing angel(About 180 degree), readable under sunlight, only generate power consumption during updating.

TB Series LCD segment is a low power consumption & low prime costing Label, We have designed Several supporting installation through intensive studying Installation site. We will offer our clients quickly “Tailored” service by modular design.

Performance characteristics

Meet Label regulatory requirements of price bureau
Quickly display price & sales info.
Broad perspective, clear & legible, suit for any font
Offer ”tailored” label, several installation
Improve profit & competitiveness, reduce operating cost
2-3 info. Area, flashing label hint
Graphic display, freely edit displaying
Lightweight & durable, reading in bar code form, buckle type accessories
Supporting Handheld Reader Read-writer, query Info. On-site
Using Handheld Reader to access any related date


Station Station is a data transmit-receive change-over arrangement between displaying terminal & backstage. It’s linked with Ethernet & Background server. At the same time, it will contact with Label through 2.4GHz ISM.

Reader HT303 is convenient Handheld Reading equipment using in ESL system. It is able to bind, unbind, check diagnosis. This equipment will help clients to operate & maintain ESL system.

Intallation Accessories Label can be combined with three kinds of labels (guide rail, hanging, desktop) by installing on different accessories, same Label with different installation & back structure can be universality.

Guide Rail Label Installation & Unloading Label installation: make label backing aim at guide rail frontage, press in guide rail with “BADA”, Then finish installation. Unload label: Insert lock remover into crevice between label & guide rail, push down it, position of label B & B’ will come down, until top of B & B’ is lower than the lowest of guide rail(card slot), Put label to leave guide rail, finish unloading.

Hanging Label Installation & Unloading

Hanging Label Installation:

Put brand retha into the hole of adjustable hanging label A, and make position b coincide with adjustable hanging label B flip adjustable hanging label unloading. Flip installed adjustable hanging label position C, make bulge leave edge of D, Rotate Slip cover Anti-clockwise along connection position. After leaving D, Remove adjustable hanging label from brand reth, finish unloading.

Desktop Label Installation & Unloading


ESL (electronic shelf label) is used in retail trade, which is instead of outdated paper label with swift developing of the market. It changes price through computer remote controlling no need of manual operation. It maintain price as the same with ESL & POS system on one date base. It promote retailing pricing management to a new stage by particular advantage of promotion sales & Dynamic Pricing management to a new stage by particular advantage of promotion sales & Dynamic pricing.

Disadvantage of traditional paper label

No environmental protection, expensive cost for no recycling
Mistake taken by manual price fixing, loss clients’ loyalty
Change price not timely, negative effects in sales result
Label losing: turnover loss

Problems can be handed by ESL

Completely unify pricing system
Swift & efficient price change
Improve clients’ favorability & loyalty
Save a mounts of manpower & material resources of price update
Promote efficiency of commodity statistics
Simple stock controlling, explicit product info.

Make the right choice, use ESL

Characteristic service

We provide Pilot experiential services: offer free technical support & favorable product price for new clients “tailored” label service: quickly offer “tailored” label including appearance, size, color, logo, etc.
“tailored” scheme services:
Offer professional implementation plan according to actual service condition, including product model choosing installation design, station deployment.
Data connecting service
Offer special connecting service for no use in general connecting since variety of retailing managing system
R & D advantage
We have obtained numbers of ESL patent, our team is combined with above 50 R&D senior staffs, which includes international famous clip expert, liquid crystal electronic paper screen expert. Structural designer, software engineer, etc. We have cooperate with Chinese academy of science to promote whole developing strength in soft hardware, our products has operated stably in huge retail chain for several years.

Manufacturer advantage ESL label can achieve economies of scale, process manufacturing. We have passed IS9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 management system certification, etc. Second phase of RFID project has put into production which amounted to 358 million RMB

Technical Advantage

Expandable framework base on gateway
Shelf definitive core chip
Wireless sensor networks with low power consumption
Cloud-flexible software interface
Personalize pricing with NFC/RFID
Unique structural design, finish installation with “BADA”
First place in coverage area of signal station in this industry