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Wire fence

Temporary fence

Stadium Fence

Double Wire Fence

Bilateral Wire Fence

High grade PVC-Steel combined Fence

Triangular Bending Fence

Framework Fence

Special Fence Series for Airport

Anti-glare Mesh

Steel Grating

Steel grating is a kind of steelwork made of flat steel and cross-bar which are cross bound by a certain distance with square lattice in the center. It is usually made of carbon steel, with hot galvanizing on the surface to prevent oxidation. It is widely used in alloy, building materials, power plant, boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, chemical engineering, general industrial workshop and municipal construction and so on. Its advantages are: good ventilation and light transmission, skid resistance, strong bearing capacity, elegant appearance, good durability, easy to clean and install, etc.

Anti-glare Mesh

Anti-glare Mesh

Steel Frame Lattice

Petrochemical engineering,  shipbuilding industry, sewage treatment, port and pier, municipal engineering, mechanical metallurgy, farming and gardening, textile chemical fiber, food processing, transportation, pharmaceutical chemical fertilizer, oil refining plant, building materials, chemical industry

Specific Application:

aisle ventilation fence 、mooring dock、 trestle 、 chassis and frame、 pedestrian overpass、 drilling platform、 transport corridor bridge、 bridge edge walkway、 drain cover、 ventilating window、  crossing railway aisle、manhole cover Anti-theft doors and windows, airport lighting fence, trash rack enclosure fence、baking finish house storage shelf、 equipment the pavement, advertising board、 livestock pens、 equipment safety fence 、 pipe gallery pier, scaffold、 marine landing pedal, wash racks、 goods van top aisle、 platform、  filter fence、 shading box 、staircase pedal 、marine workboat、 machine aisle。

Its advantages are as follow:

Material saving: It is the most material saving way under the same load, and consequently reducing support structure material.

Less investment: Material saving, labor saving, time saving and no need of cleaning and maintenance.

Convenient construction: Only need to fix it to the preinstalled support with bolt, one man’s labor.

Dirt deposition prevention: No accumulation of rainwater, snow and dust.

Wind resistance reducing: Due to good ventilation, the wind resistance is less and thus reducing wind damage.

Simple design: No need of small strut beam, simple structure and design. Good ventilation, explosion-resistance, lighting, heat dissipation and skid resistance.

Time saving: No need of site reprocessing. The installation is instant.

Durable: Hot-dip galvanizing antiseptic treatment is done before delivery. It is corrosion-resistant for more than 20 years, impact and pressure resistant.

Modern style: Elegant appearance, standard design and good ventilation and lighting, offering a modern fluent feeling.

Angle Bead
  • Corner Protection Mesh Facing Wall Corner Protection Mesh
  • Material: galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet.
  • Thickness of the sheet: 0.3-0.5mm
  • Length: regularly 2.4m-3m, also can be made according to customer’s requirements.
  • Mesh aperture: 5×15mm,10×20mm,10×30mm
  • Hem width: 30×30mm,40×40mm,50×50mm,60×60mm. There are two categories: with and without edge, the former is 5mm.
  • Application: Corner protection mesh is made from galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet by expansion of the two wings. The stretching wings of corner protection mesh can be combined with plaster firmly and form a smooth, straight and concise corner and it can also protect the corner from fracture. The construction is easy, cost low and it is time saving
Stair Corner Protector

Stair corner protector is an indispensable part in construction engineering, which simplifies the stair construction procedure and replaces stair corner protection reinforcement, thus saving cost. In order to ensure the stepping durability of the building stairs, the middle layer cement plaster needs corner protection treatment.

High Ribbed Formwork

High Ribbed Formwork (also known as fast-easy setback grid) is made of hot-dip Zn-coated steel sheet according to BSEN 10142 1991 Fe P03GI+FeP02GI Z275. Its mesh opening and U-shaped cross section are cut by high-tech completely automated and computer-controlled machine. There is no junction on the surface and the tension stress is very strong. Template net is fixed as consumptive template. When pouring concrete behind the template, the complement patches on the mesh will be embedded into the concrete, forming a mechanical wedge connected to the adjacent pouring piece. The quality of the joint is under strict control. The strength of adhesive bonding and shear is comparable to well processed rough cut suture.

Features of Template Net:

1. Good Mechanical performance, small lateral pressure, only about 60% that of the general template, thus reducing 40% of the template supporting keel’s weight.

2. The mesh allows workers to observe the pouring process directly, thus reducing the risk of pore and honeycomb.

3. Its light weight makes transportation and installation easy. It is only one tenth weight of the normal shaped steel template, so the installation is rapid and transportation is easy.

4. The technique is optimized and the shear resistance interface is enlarged. When pouring, the mortar will infiltrate into the interface and for a coarse grain interface with super shear resistance.

5. The numerous apertures of the setback mesh make it convenient for wearing and continuous banding of steel. It allows easy wearing of rebar under 12mm with little effort. For rebar with larger diameter, the mesh can be cut open and be set back after the rebar wearing through. The rapid-easy setback mesh can also be installed before binding rebar and then the binding work can be done by piercing into the mesh aperture.

6. It is suitable for segmented pouring concrete. The engineering is civilized. The template is permanent, so the next concrete pouring can be done without dismantling the template or making joint, thus reducing interface preparation work.

7. Cup joint and cutting is easy. It can be bound into the required form.

Gabion Box

Gabion box is a kind of angle mesh (hexagonal mesh) weaved by metal wire. The metal wire diameter is different according to the size of the hexagon. For metal coating metal wire hexagon, the wire diameter is 2.0mm-4.0mm. For PVC covered metal wire weaved hexagonal mesh, the PVC (metal) wire with outer diameter of 3.0mm-4.0mm is used. The frame edge uses the wire which is thicker by one size than the hexagonal mesh wire.

The gabion box is formed with connected large hexagonal wire mesh. What we need to do is to put the rocks into the box and seal it.

Specifications: 2m x 1m x 1m, 3m x 1m x 1m, 4m x 1m x 1m, 2m x 1m x 0.5m, 4m x 1m x 0.5m, also can be manufactured according to customer’s requirements. Surface protection include hot galvanizing, galvanized aluminum alloy, PVC coating, etc.

Coil Mesh / Coil Lath Brick Belt Mesh

Brick belt mesh is the special small mesh used for concrete. It is divided into two categories: one is formed by stamping; the other is butt welded which includes galvanized low carbon steel wire welding and coating after welding.

Stamping formed brick belt mesh is stamped and expanded by thin galvanized steel strip. Usually the sheet thickness is 0.35mm, width 6cm &10cm, in rolls. It is easy to handle. It is different from the traditional diamond mesh. Its mesh apertures are regularly arrayed vertically with a big distance. The mesh wire peduncle is the special sideway hexagonal structure. On each side of the sheet, there is a widened and strengthened side bar with V-type groove rib in the center. It has good rigidity. There is no junction on the mesh sheet and it is solid and strong. It can form a whole structure with high tensile strength and pressure, shock and temperature change resistance.

Butt welding formed brick belt mesh is divided into trapezoid and triangle and double wire welding and three-wire welding. All wires are in the same plane. High quality materials are used and advanced techniques and equipment are adopted. The metal mesh has no open welding and is corrosion-resistant. There are various categories and specifications which can meet the requirements of all kinds of pressure wall.

Rib Lath

Rib Lath (Rib Expanded Metal Lath) is a kind of expanded metal from galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel. Rib Lath offers special extension due to its special opening and the uniform V type reinforced structure in the surface. Rib Lath is extensively used in construction of civil building, industrial building, construction under the water like banks, ponds, infrastructure engineering as well as municipal works. Rib Lath works well with other construction materials to save both cost and energy.